31 Days Blog Challenge #7

Hello guys!

Today’s theme is “10 favorite foods” so here’s the list:

1. Coleslaw
2. Fries
3. Milk Chocolate
4. Vanilla ice-cream with biscuits addition (like oreo, speculoos, cookier dough, etc.)
5. Cheese sausages
6. Orange juice!!! (ok it’s a drink but it’s my favorite of all time)
7. Flakes
8. Pastas
9. Guacamole
10. Chicken Tika-Massala

How about you, what are your favorite foods?

31 Days Blog Challenge #6

Hello there!
It’s now day six of the 31 Days Blog Challenge and the hardest one for me so far. Today the theme is « 3 personality traits I am proud of ». In my opinion it always sounds cocky when people talk about how this or that about them is great or makes them proud. I don’t like to brag about myself… but I guess I’m kind of force to today.

The first personality trait I’m proud of is that I am a good listener. I think it’s something useful in life to be able to listen to what other say but also to real ear it and not just wait for the other one to finish so your turn comes.
The second trait is that I am good a putting myself in other people’s shoes. Helps me a lot in private and professional life! Things are so much easier when you’re capable of understanding where the other person comes from.
The third one is my helpfulness. It can also be a pain in the arse because I have a hard time saying no :p

What are the three personality traits you are most proud of?

31 Days Blog Challenge #5

Hi guys!

For the fifth day of the challenge I have to reveal my guilty pleasure. Truth is, I don’t know what my guilty pleasure is as I’m guilty of doing many things that I like and probably shouldn’t! :p
The one I probably feel to most guilty of is makeup shopping. I know I should save more money but still, when I see a new Essence or Catrice collection, I cannot resist it! I told you on the second day of the challenge that I collect a lot of stuffs (clothing, makeup, bake-ware, etc.) but buying makeup is my biggest weakness of the moment. I guess I had to find a replacement for junk food now that I’m doing my best to be healthy! haha And as I’m going to Trier in Germany, I’ll stop by Douglas and DM which won’t help at all!

How about you, what’s your guilty pleasure?

31 Days Blog Challenge #4

Hello everyone :)

Today is a sweet day for the 31 Days Blog Challenge as the theme is « Earliest Childhood memory ». I’m not quite sure which one is the oldest as I have several memories from when I was really young and it’s kind of hard for me to say how old I was for each of them. I think the day I entered kindergarten is the oldest memory I have (in my other childhood my brother was already speaking and walking so I was probably already 4 or 5).

So here’s what I remember: my mom walking me to the class of Miss Françoise, a slender lady with short blond hair and blue eyes. I knew she was a nice woman because my sister had her when she herself was in kindergarten so I was not scared but I was nervous about this new place full of unknown kids. On the other end, I was pretty excited about all the toys, the little hexagonal tables, etc.

That’s it! I have other memories from when I was a kid but I believe this is the earliest of all. What is your earliest childhood memory? Let me know, I’m curious about it :)