Musical obssession #1 – Dreams

Hi guys, how are you?
I hope you’ve been enjoying spring as much as I am enjoying it. Lately I’ve been resting a lot and watching a lot of TV shows and in one of them the song Dreams by Fleetwood Mac was played:

I’ve been obsessed with it since then, singing it in my head and all that stuff. You may have seen that I shared a cover of it a few days ago on my Facebook Page (feel free to join ;) ). For those of you who don’t follow me, here it is:

Wednesday evening I found this other cover that I also really like:

Last but not least, The Corrs’ cover of Dreams:

I really don’t know which one of those three version I prefer. I find they each have something special and everytime I listen to one of them, I’m back in the magic of the TV show where it was playing.

Which version do you like most? Do you also have this kind of musical obsession over a song? Do not hesitate to share your links with me, I love music! :)

Essie: Bikini so teeny!

Hi there!
I know I haven’t written a lot lately but I haven’t been feeling so great and I needed to sleep a lot which left me with little time to bake, craft or blog. Still, I wanted to add some fun to my look (which consists mainly of switching from night pajamas to day pajamas… haha!). I looked in my nail polish collection and chose this one from Essie’s summer 2012 limited edition: Bikini so teeny. It’s a light blue that reminds me a little of a cloudless sky and it has tiny white sparkles that you can’t really see on your fingers but you can see them in the bottle. This is how it looks after one coat of base and two coats of polish (no top coat):

Essie bikini so teeny

What do you think about Bikini so teeny? Is it a color that you would wear? What kind of nail polishes do you like?

DIY: Hydrangea Spring Wreath

Hello everyone!

As I mentioned in my previous article, the weather has been great here recently so we have been working a lot in garden (well, mostly my boyfriend as I have a sprained ankle) so I wanted the entrance of our house to reflect the spring flowers in our garden. While looking for some inspiration on Pinterest, I found something that I really liked and for which I wouldn’t need to buy a lot of stuff as I already had half of the needed supplies. Without further ado here is the wreath I made:

DIY Hydrangea Spring Wreath

To create this wreath you will need the following supplies:

Supplies Spring Wreath Hydrangea1. A styrofoam wreath - 2. About 100 extra-fine pin - 3. pink beads (or any other color, it’s up to you!) - 4. Fabric hydrangea flowers (also about 100 of them)

Separate the fabric flowers from their plastic support, it’s way faster to separate them all at the beginning than to do it while pinning them to the styrofoam. Pick a pin and pass it through one of your pink beads, add a flower, pin into the styrofoam wreath. Repeat until the wreath is completely covered in flowers. Tada! Your wreath is ready.
It took me about 1h30-2h but I wasn’t working on it full time as I was cooking and looking after the dog at the same time.

Here is how our entrance looks now:

DIY hydrangea spring wreath
I think the hydrangea wreath is a bit too high on the door and I don’t really like the color of the ribbon but it’s all I had at home so it’ll do until I find something better!

What do you think about this DIY? Do you also like to coordinate your decoration with the seasons? If you also want to find some inspiration for DIY wreaths, click here, it’s the article that inspired me :)

Homemade red pesto and arugula penne

Weather has been really nice in Belgium lately which is unusual for the season and will probably not last long but still, it hasn’t stopped us from bringing the barbecue out of the garage! We don’t really like to marinate the meat we cook on the barbecue so I like to have a savory side dish. Tonight I made a caprese salad and homemade red pesto penne with fresh arugula which were perfect to accompany the steaks we grilled.

homemade red pesto arugula penne pasta
Ingredients for 4 to 6 adults:
- 700g of penne pasta
- 100g of arugula
- 75g of dried tomatoes
- 30g of parmesan cheese
- 20g of pine nuts
- 1 garlic clove
- 1 tomato
- olive oil (I usually use the one in which the dried tomatoes are)

Boil some water and cook the penne according to packaging instructions.
In a blender mix all the remaining ingredients except the arugula and adjust to your taste if needed. For us this was perfect but if you find the tomato taste is too strong, just add some parmesan cheese, pine nuts and eventually some garlic but be careful with garlic, you really don’t wanna use too much, trust me! Also, if the pesto is too dry and you want to avoid using too much olive oil, you can add some water instead, I often do this without it affecting the taste of the pesto.
Mix together the cooked penne (still warm or coled, as you prefer), the red pesto and the arugula. Tada! Perfect for summer and winter :)

homemade red pesto arugula pasta
What do you usually have as side dish with your barbecue? Do you like to mix salads like arugula with your pastas?